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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Quaking

Just as a bowling ball make its way toward the pins at a bowling arena, that is as close as I can tell you that things in this world has "already" begun to take place. It was reported recently that "Moody's" one of the three rating Houses has downgraded the country of Hungary from BA1 to BAA3, which is "Junk" bond rating. This will cause the officials of Hungary to borrow money at a higher interest than they had before, which will only increase stress on the financial picture.
Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany as of a few days ago rejected to go along in concert with the Euro-bonds,  which add more pessimism to the likely hood that those countries that are part of the European community will come out of this financial fiasco unscathed. The Central banks of the world recently made a concerted effort to shore up the financial conglomerate communities, the stock markets here and aboard reacted positively to such a move, however, one should not enter into the tent of illusion in thinking everything are on sound footing, just as the stock market ascend to new heights, it is just as likely that the markets of the world will descend to a place that only a mole will be able to view it. Thus far, the average investor that plays the market or hold a 401k account  have been the one that have been affected the most from the down-turn  in the markets but if my institution is correct, in the space of  six to nine months outward, there will be bewailing heard coming from those on the top of the pole. There is no sure hedge on any of the commodities, whether gold, copper, diamonds or any other minerals. We are headed for territories that we haven't been in, which is precisely why I have taken this perceptual  stance and coupled with the so-called leaders in Congress and the financial communities at odd about getting anything accomplished. Gridlocked.